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There is no such thing as a “bad sleeper” – only a child who hasn’t yet learned how to sleep well. You need sleep. Your child needs sleep. Let Little Sleep Stars unlock your child’s sleep potential, using gentle, tailored techniques.

Lauren Peacock

To discuss the current sleep challenges
you are encountering with your little one...

To discuss the current sleep challenges
you are encountering with your little one. 

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It may not feel like it at times, but your child wants to sleep! Good quality sleep is a basic need, vital for physical and cognitive development and emotional well-being. All children have both the need, and the ability, to sleep well – it’s just that some require more help than others to realise their sleep potential. The good news is that teaching your child the skills they need to achieve great sleep does not need to be an ordeal for you or your little one.

Friends, relatives and the internet are awash with advice as to what you “should” do to overcome your child’s sleep challenges, but there is no one method that works for every child. You may be overwhelmed with information and unsure where to start, or you may have tried so many different methods that you have been left believing that nothing will work for your child. Little Sleep Stars can show you the way to fantastic sleep, using gentle methods to create a bespoke sleep plan that will be the cornerstone of achieving both fast and lasting results.

If you are experiencing:

- bedtime battles;
- frequent/multiple night-wakings;
- early-rising (waking for the day pre-6am);
- a dependency on feeding or rocking to sleep;
- short or non-existent naps;
- co-sleeping out of desperation rather than choice;

or any other sleep-related challenge, book your free evaluation call today and take the first step on the path to the rest your family deserves.

Practice hours are designed to meet the needs of busy families with daytime, evening and weekend appointments available. Using the latest in web-based video-conferencing I work with clients throughout the UK and internationally.




Free 15 minute call to discuss your child sleep challenges
Understand what is holding your child back from fulfilling their sleep potential
Discuss how these issues can be addressed
Ask any questions about my methods and what to expect
Absolutely no obligation to proceed to one-to-one work

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Perfect for babies under 4 months and parents-to-be to enable a flying start using the gentlest ways to shape great sleep habits
Little Sleep Stars Newborn Sleep pack, containing helpful handouts and go-to guides
Initial 30 minute call to discuss any questions and concerns you have regarding newborn sleep and my comprehensive tips for maximising family rest during this precious time
Two follow-up calls of 20 minutes each to discuss how your little one is doing and any questions you have
The most useful gift you can buy an expectant parent - ideal for baby-showers (gift voucher available)

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A detailed assessment of your current sleep situation
90 minute face-to-face (online) consultation
Bespoke sleep plan designed to meet the needs of your child
Six support calls (or emails) as you implement the plan
Lifelong membership to the Little Sleep Stars online support community
Custom Little Sleep Stars sleep pack
Advice on upcoming milestones
A copy of your consultation recording
50% sibling discount
Suitable from 18 weeks to 6 years old

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We contacted Lauren when we were at our wit's end. Teddy was 6 months old and we thought we were ready to give him back and get a refund! But we contacted Lauren and I can honestly say she has been amazing. Genuinely caring about us and being there every step of the way. My baby now sleeps 11-12 hours a night and has 3 naps in the day! Which before was completely unheard of. Teddy would wake at least 5-6 times in the night and be rocked, sung, jiggled you name it we did it to sleep. Now he puts himself to sleep on his own and the whole family is now getting some rest. Lauren you're a superhero!! Thank you for everything! We love you!!

2Y 2M

I can't recommend Lauren highly enough. Following a recommendation via a friend we got in touch with Lauren, 2 years in and sleep is still very inconsistent. To note our little girl has an underlying medical condition which may have an impact on her sleep but Lauren took this on board and continued to give us helpful, considered and logical support and we have 100% seen an improvement. Lauren is calm and a great active listener. I felt reassured after our first call, never rushed or on the clock. I have highly recommended Lauren to my mum chums and will continue to seek her guidance as and when we need it. Lauren makes you feel empowered as a first time parent and supports in you taking control of the situation when for us we were at a point of feeling completely out of control! Thank you!


It was a joy to speak to Lauren who helped us to get our little boy to sleep in his cot during the day and become more settled and start sleeping through at night. Her straight talking no nonsense, yet encouraging and gentle approach is very welcome! Would wholeheartedly recommend using her services.


My daughter who is 15 months had never ever slept through the night...often waking multiple times and taking a long time to settle. Only a week after making small changes with Lauren's help she is now sleeping brilliantly! Lauren is compassionate, thorough, straight talking and extremely supportive whether by email or telephone. Highly recommended.


For two whole years I was a walking zombie, until I cracked and enlisted Lauren to help me to work on a plan to increase our toddler's night time and nap time sleeping. Within 3 days she was sleeping through the night and by the end of the week her naps had extended to 2 hours. All this without a single "cry it out" moment. I can't recommend Lauren or her approach enough. Life changing!


My 7 month old son was waking every two hours for a feed and I was beyond exhausted, and anxiety about my return to my demanding career was mounting quickly! After a terrible night and yet another day of painful naps I had had enough and booked a package with Lauren. Within a week the nights had improved to one, sometimes two wakings and he is now sleeping through the night. Naps continued to be a struggle but Lauren supported us through it all, really going above and beyond, empowering my husband and I to make the right choices for our family and giving us the confidence to stay the course whenever we had a wobble. I cannot recommend Little Sleep Stars more highly. You may think you can't afford a sleep consultant, but I think any tired parent is worth it - I'd have paid four times her fee for a decent night's sleep! My only regret is that I didn't realise I didn't have to be a tired Mama earlier. Thank you Lauren!

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