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There is no such thing as a "bad sleeper" - only a child who isn't yet able to sleep well. You need sleep. Your child needs sleep. Let Little Sleep Stars support you in unlocking your child's potential, with our gentle, empathetic approach to sleep.

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Bespoke Sleep Solutions

Why Little Sleep Stars?


Gentle, effective solutions

You don't have to choose between cry-it-out and wait-it-out. It might not feel like it right now, but your child really can sleep well - they just need a little help. We support hundreds of families every year to find their way back to sleep, using gentle, tailored techniques.


Genuinely bespoke

You are the expert in your child and we will work with you to find a sleep solution as individual as they are. We will achieve the best outcome for your family because we listen to you and respect your priorities and parenting style. We will never recommend that you leave your child alone to cry.


Highly recommended

We are a small but perfectly formed sleep consultancy that has become the number one choice for families around the world and for leading parent and baby brands, events and publications, who all trust our empathetic, effective and evidence-based approach to sleep.

With you every step of the way


Sleep Basics On-Demand is a series of ten concise, easy-to-digest videos to help you nail naps, banish early-rising and everything in between 24-hours a day.

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Start your journey

Start your journey to better sleep today. Once you've shared what's happening for you and your little one, I'll be in touch to discuss how I can help.

Select the right plan for you

Rescue Packages




Our Sleep Solutions On-Demand platform hosts a video mini-series, crammed with information and tips to help you identify why your child might be struggling with sleep. The best part? As the platform is instantly-accessible, you can start immediately - even if you are reading this at 3am!

One to one

Sleep Solution


By 6 months your baby has had time to get used to the routine of living in the big wide world. But sometimes they miss the memo about sleep and that can persist through their toddler years and beyond. In the early years, little ones change faster than they ever will again and that's great news if you want to help support baby or child to learn something new.



  • Ten short videos covering the science of sleep - helping you understand how to best support your child's sleep across various ages and stages.
  • Practical tips to equip you to nail naps, banish bedtime battles, end early-waking and overcome overtiredness - all without tears or training.
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Sleep Solution

  • A detailed assessment of your current sleep situation so we can work with your family to get the best results for you...
  • 90 minutes of dedicated listening and advice where we explore your tailored sleep solution - perfectly individual to you and your child...
  • Six guidance and review calls to keep the sleep solution working optimally whatever little one decides to do with the new learning process...
  • Ongoing contact via my dedicated client support group so you can be sure your results will be long-lasting.
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Super Support

  • An enhanced version of the Sleep Solution...
  • Additional contact between support calls via email and/or messaging...
  • Continued telephone/email support in the twelve months following your plan.
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"We used to absolutely dread bedtime as we didn't know how he would react, but now it is one of our most favourite times of the day. "

May, Newcastle Using the Sleep Solution Package

"Lauren is a genuine miracle worker and her guidance has been life changing for us."

Emma, Norfolk Using the Sleep Solution Package

"Words cannot describe the impact that Lauren's help has had on our lives as a family. We could not recommend her enough."

Luisa, Edinburgh Using the Sleep Solution Package

"I was amazed that we did all the sleep training without my son having to shed a tear."

Jen, London Using the Sleep Solution Package

"My partner was initially unsure about the need for a consultant but has said it is without doubt the best money he has ever spent."

Lynn, Leeds Using the Sleep Solution Package

"Within three days, our toddler was sleeping through the night and her naps had extended to two hours. All this without a single cry-it-out moment. I can't recommend Lauren or her approach enough. Life changing!"

Polly, Qatar Using the Sleep Solution Package

"Every child is different and Lauren completely recognises this and works with you to put plans in place that suit you and your family."

Sara, Suffolk Using the Sleep Solution Package

"I was by my son's side every step of the way, and Lauren made me feel she was by mine."

Donna, Manchester Using the Sleep Solution Package
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