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There is no such thing as a “bad sleeper” - only a child who hasn’t yet learned how to sleep well. You need sleep. Your child needs sleep. Let Little Sleep Stars unlock your child’s sleep potential, using gentle, tailored techniques.

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Too tired to wait?
Head to our Sleep Solutions On-Demand platform and begin your journey to better sleep without delay.

Head to our Sleep Solutions On-Demand platform
and begin your journey to better sleep without delay.

Too tired to wait?


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When your child isn’t sleeping well, it can be all-consuming. I know because I have been there. Whilst it really may not feel like it at times, your little one does want to sleep. All children have both the need and the ability to sleep well - it’s just that some require more help than others to realise their sleep potential.

The good news is that helping your child achieve great sleep does not need to be an ordeal.

It’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child. Whether your village comprises family members, friends or other new parents you’ve met along your pregnancy or parenting journey, everyone will have a view regarding what you “should” be doing to help your child sleep. Many will have shared that opinion with you - maybe more than once. And let’s not even get started on what the internet has to offer!

All-too-often, two extremes are presented: leave your child to cry or resign yourself to the fact that they will, eventually, grow out of hourly waking, even if that takes several years. No children are the same and when it comes to sleep, the factors driving sleep challenges, and in turn the best solution, are as diverse as the children themselves. It is always possible to achieve biological best sleeping (which respects a child’s age and developmental stage) using gentle approaches where you work with, rather than against, your child - and where you support and respond to them, every single step along the way.

At Little Sleep Stars, we know a lot about sleep. But you are the expert in your child. We will achieve the best outcome for your family because I will listen to you, work with you and respect your priorities and parenting style.

I will never recommend you leave your child alone to cry.

If your current sleep situation isn’t bringing your family the rest it needs, book a free introductory call to discuss how things can be gently turned around. If you are based outside of the UK, please note that all diary times are GMT/BST.




The last thing you need is another person telling you things you don't believe will work.

That's why I offer a complimentary introduction call so you have the chance to share what's happening for you and your little one right now and understand how I can help.

Because your time with your child is precious, we do this in a 15-minute call, so you can get a feel for what we can do together. On that call, I will either make a recommendation for you to check out something that may be holding your little one back from achieving their biological-best sleep, or invite you to find out more about how we can work together.

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Not all sleep-situations require one-to-one support. Many families find that the right information, at the right time, is all they need to help get their little one sleeping soundly.

Our Sleep Solutions On-Demand platform hosts a video mini-series, crammed with information and tips to help you identify why your child might be struggling with sleep. The best part? As the platform is instantly-accessible, you can start immediately - even if you are reading this at 3am!

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Imagine giving the gift of a good night’s sleep, the most useful gift for new or expectant parents!

Think of this as a live “what to expect” where you discover what is “normal” for baby sleep and how you can gently optimise sleep from the outset.

You’ll get:

  • A one-hour call focused on you, your baby, your lifestyle and parenting principles so you feel confident right from the start...
  • 24/7 access to my most valued sleep guide videos in a library that saves you hours of searching on the internet for that one thing that might work...
  • Complete reassurance and guidance on what to do and why it will be the right choice for you and your new family...

Suitable from pregnancy/birth to 6 months.

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By 6 months your baby has had time to get used to the routine of living in the big wide world. But sometimes they miss the memo about sleep and that can persist through their toddler years and beyond. In the early years, little ones change faster than they ever will again and that’s great news if you want to help support baby or child to learn something new.

Working together with the sleep solution means you’ll get:

  • A detailed assessment of your current sleep situation so we can work with your family to get the best results for you...
  • 90 minutes of dedicated listening and advice where we explore your tailored sleep solution - perfectly individual to you and your child...
  • Six guidance and review calls to keep the sleep solution working optimally whatever little one decides to do with the new learning process...
  • Ongoing contact via my dedicated client support group so you can be sure your results will be long-lasting.

Suitable from 6 months to 6 years old.

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I was an exhausted mum thinking that my baby's sleep would never improve. I was wrong after one week it was like having a different baby! I can't recommend Lauren enough. She has guided me through our personal sleep plan in the most professional and patient way possible and she has changed our lives. My 16 month old sleeps like a dream. Thank you Lauren!


I only wish we had spoken to Lauren before, rather than waiting until our daughter was two. Our little girl was a terrible sleeper, all my friends had babies who slept or only woke once in the night, not ours. She had FOMO from the day she was born, and during lockdown she took it to another level. For three months I slept on the floor of her room to get her to sleep, and she woke several times a night, needing us in there with her to go back to sleep. Then enough was enough and we called Lauren in. Lauren was amazing, she was sympathetic in a non judgemental way (as parents we always worry we're being judged!), and her advice was science based, making me feel really assured it was the right thing to do. She had clever tips and tricks - that are all super easy to implement, but in a sleep deprived haze, you can't think straight. And she gave us the confidence to be able to parent as a team and not blame each other. Throughout all the calls, I felt like I was speaking to a very knowledgeable friend who understood the pain points we go through when our toddler refused the most basic of human functions; sleep. I've since recommended her to so many people and if we do get any regressions, I know I can count on Lauren to give me the advice to get through it!


I strongly recommend seeking Lauren's help if you are struggling with your child's sleep. When we approached Lauren our 11 month old daughter was waking frequently throughout the night and relied on us to get her back to sleep. With Lauren's help and support we gradually improved her naps and sleep conditions and learnt how best to support our daughter in a loving way whilst encouraging her to learn to sleep without needing us all the time. This wasn't a "quick fix" for us as it did take a few weeks to get there, but once it clicked our daughter is still sleeping well (from 7pm ish to 6am ish) a few months later. Even when she started nursery and things inevitably got a bit rocky again, using the tips and methods which Lauren taught us helped to get her back on track fairly quickly and painlessly. Lauren has been extremely supportive and informative throughout this process and we're extremely grateful for her help. The service she provides is bespoke and ongoing so well worth the money.


We booked in with Lauren when our son was 9 months old and waking nearly every hour overnight. We were so sleep deprived and had tried lots of other sleep resources but nothing had helped. Lauren quickly identified the issues and created a personalised plan for us and our baby without using any form of 'cry it out'. Within a few weeks our son was sleeping through the night from 6.30-6am. It has been life changing for myself and my husband and our baby is so much happier during the day. Lauren is very professional and caring with lots of experience and knowledge around sleep. We would definitely recommend her and we regret not booking in with her sooner!


Lauren is a genuine miracle worker and her guidance has been life changing for us. Since the day our daughter was born her sleep was horrendous. As a newborn baby we accepted frequent wakings were part of the course but by 8 months though things were worse than ever. She started waking 40 minutes after being put to bed every night followed by further wakings every 2-3 hours throughout the night, sometimes every hour. That was exhausting enough but to add to it we found ourselves pounding the pavement for 2-3 hours a day because the only place she would nap was the pram or car seat. We dreaded bedtimes and daytimes and felt stuck in a never ending cycle of feeding & rocking to sleep that we were at a loss to know how to break. My husband suggested it might be worth trying a sleep consultant but one that did not promote the 'cry it out' method. Having spent countless hours searching for sleep tips on the internet and trying to implement some I wasn't convinced it wouldn't make a difference, I didn't believe it was possible without using cry it out techniques and couldn't see there would be anything a sleep consultant could suggest that I hadn't already read about before. I couldn't have been more wrong. Lauren was amazing from the start thoroughly looking at our daughters history from birth. It was this that identified the cause to her reflux issue which was creating a sleep blocker. The things Lauren suggested trying were nothing I had ever read about before. Within 1 night the waking after 40 minutes stopped and the same week night wakings significantly reduced. The following week she was doing 2 naps a day in her cot something we never thought possible. The tools and techniques Lauren has given us mean we no longer fear naps and bedtimes but feel empowered to make decisions about what to do when things don't go quite as we would like. There's always something we can try to get her back on track but anytime we feel lost Lauren is always there to support. Our daughter now rarely wakes in the night but on the odd occasion she does we know there really is something wrong. We can't thank Lauren enough for getting us back our evenings and time during the day to get other things done. I'd highly recommend Lauren she's kind, knowledgeable and really cares about what she does, going above and beyond what's included in the package. She works with families to find solutions that suit their lifestyle, personalities and work for their individual child because it is never a one solution fits all when it comes to sleep.


Lauren has been amazing over the past few months at helping us with our son's naps and nighttime sleep. When we started talking our 6 month old was only contact napping for 30 minutes and waking 6 times or more at night, he was not happy and it made us sad that his lack of sleep was affecting him. Lauren helped us through taking small changes little at a time to help our son, nothing she recommend ever felt too harsh or unachievable, and as we felt comfortable and confident our son very quickly started showing improvements. He is now the picture of perfection! He has 2 naps per day each 1.5 hours and sleeps 11 hours at night with no wakes. And he always falls to sleep by himself! I never thought we would ever get to this point and It is a total life changer! Lauren's advice and guidance has made our son such a happier boy as he is well rested. Thank you so much!

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